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Guardian UltraMirror is a high performance product you'd expect from one of the world's leading manufacturers of mirror glass. Guardian UltraMirror is the result of Guardian's efforts to build the world’s most beautifully reflective and durable mirror. When purchasing Guardian UltraMirror, you are buying into years of experience from the world's leading mirror manufacturer, coupled with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology available in the field. These two factors combine to produce a mirror that is currently setting the benchmarks for mirror quality and performance.

Light and Space...Guardian UltraMirror brings new dimensions into play.

Typical Characteristics

GulfGuard is known for supplying top qulity glass products. As such, Guardian UltraMirror meets and exceeds all existing quality requirements set by the European mirror norm EN1036.

Reflectance: the luminous coefficient of Guardian UltraMirror is much higher than the 83% requested by EN1036;

Optical propertied: Guardian UltraMirror exceeds the requirements concerning vertical and horizontal optical distortion;

: the following test are regularly performed in order to demonstrate the excellent durability characteristics of Guardian UltraMirror:

    CASS(Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spary) according to 150 9227;
    NSS(Neutral Salt Spary) according to 150 9227;
    Condensation water test according to normative annex of EN1036.

Adhesion: the adhesion of the paint is regularly checked by the Cross-Cut test according to 150 2409.

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